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Nicola Heim is a collage and abstract artist and writer based in the Chiemgau area.

Her work is focusing on the role of women in a still patriarchal society. The principle of opression and exploitation - exploitation of human beings, nature and animals. She is using a variety of materials such as paper, metal, wood, rubbish, magazines, clothes or even snow.


„I am searching for visible words to explain what I can not tell, it`s visible thinking, visible memories. I mix figurative and abtract as well as installations and I am using what I find around the studio. I prefer used materials.   It`s a very sensual process.”

The studio is based in the Bavarian countryside which gives her the opportunity to work outside even during winter time. “nature is very much influencing my work. To me nature is symbolising the female power of giving life. But also its vulnerability".

Nicola studied interior design, religiou studies, art history and economics in Germany, Italy and South Africa. After her studies she worked as a Strategic Planner for different international advertising agencies in Europe, Asia, Russia and the Middle East, and was a speaker on qualitative research as well as female and young target groups.
"Photo shootings, fashion and advertising campaigns are part of my life, as you can still see in my collage artworks.
art is inspired by this spirit of being connected – not only as human beeings but also about beeing connected to nature. Because we are nothing without nature, we can not exist without nature. While nature does not need us. This is something we often forget”

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