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Nicola Heim is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in the Bavarian Alps.

Her work is focusing on the role of women in a patriarchal society and the oppression and exploitation of women, nature, and animals especially livestock. “To me nature is symbolising the female power of giving life. But also, its vulnerability.”
Nicolas’s art is inspired by the spirit of being connected and by the women's rights movement and environmental protection that is also shown in her poetry and art journals.

She is mixing street art, nature, fashion and used materials from farms and is mainly working outdoors.

Nicola Heim was born in Pforzheim and attended Waldorf Schools in Germany and the United States, where she began acting and painting. She wanted to become an actress, but it turned out differently. She studied art history, religious studies and interior design and has a master's degree in business administration. Then she went into the advertising industry, which took her to Russia, Japan and finally to Switzerland. She has worked for MTV and L'Oréal, among others. Until 2022 she was the marketing director in a pharmaceutical company.
Nevertheless, she continued to write poems and lyrical texts, painted and dealt with exile literature, among other things. In 2013 she moved back to Germany with her husband and three sons and intensified her artistic work and became a master student with Leiko Ikemura and Sati Zech. In the summer of 2020, she began working on “What is Heimat?; an ongoing project based on questions without answers that have occupied Nicola since childhood: belonging, expulsion, arriving. At the same time, Nicola Heim began to work outdoors and to physically incorporate nature into her work. “Working in nature helped me to connect with the place, to feel less alien. Nature is home for all of us.” Living close to nature raised her awareness about farm animals and agriculture playing a key role in climate change. She became part of the “art.of.shift” collective and started to work on “the maids are raising” which became her starting point to get involved in raising awareness of livestock especially pigs and the role of gender for both humans and livestock.

Nicola Heim is giving workshops and art classes for adults and teenagers. 

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