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I only started to embrace femininity when I realised that I am the sister to all female living creature, and that being a mother connects me to all mothers, humans and animals.


I am a multidisciplinary artist based in the Bavarian alps. My background in the advertising industry, working in Germany, Russia, Japan and Switzerland and my role as a qualitative researcher raised my awareness in women’s role in a patriarchal society, while moving to the countryside in 2013 and living surrounded by farm, the role of sex in livestock and the misuse of motherhood in the food industry was raising my interest. Based on this, nature and motherhood to me are connected in their power to give life, but also in their vulnerability. I am inspired by the spirit of the inner and outer home, and the obligation humans have towards all living beings.


I mix photography and painting, natural/found materials and snow canvas (canvas that has been underneath the snow for at least one winter) and I include writing, in the form of poetry and art journaling to explore the dimensions of my topics. I mainly works outside, experimenting with rain and snow and I “age” or weather the canvas to highlight the transformation of all living things.


I see art as a tool or vehicle to look at the world and to create awareness and meaning for the future that is connected to our origin as being part of nature.

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